We Make Moving to Mexico Easy


USA to Mexico Moving & Brokerage Service

We have relocated numerous Expats and others moving back to their homeland from the USA.  Our bi-lingual staff is professional and USA based in San Diego,CA.

Shipping & Moving

We can ship goods from USA to Mexico and can help aquire and ship goods you want but don’t have. 

Brokerage & CUSTOMS

We work with only the best customs and brokerage agents to get your products in safely and with compliance.


Do you miss the days of shopping on Amazon?  We can get items shipped to Mexico from Online Stores.


MexPat USA to Mexico Moving and Custom Brokerage Services allow you to enjoy Mexico and leave the stress and confustion of importing and moving to another country to the experts.  

“Mike has decades of experience moving just about anything into Mexico, from cars,  furniture, resort goods and more. He is bi-lingual and knows how to get things done.

– Adam McCloud